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You Can’t Lose The System In Action

Okay, let’s take a look at a real time example of the system in action.

Video Tutorial 3 – The System in Action

Here I have overlaid the Betfair prices against those from oddschecker and immediately an opportunity presents itself. You can see that here the second horse down the list ‘This one’s for Pat’ is available to back with Bet365 at 8.0 but on Betfair I can lay the horse at only 7.2

So let’s use £100 stakes for ease of maths. I bet the horse £100 at 8.0 standing to make £700 profit if it wins. I then lay it at Betfair with the same stake, £100 at 7.2 which means I stand to lose £620 if it wins.

So if the horse wins I win £700 at Bet 365 and lose £620 at Betfair a profit of £80, if the horse loses I lose a hundred at Bet365 but win a hundred at Betfair. Evens!

NOTE:- ALWAYS place the bet with the traditional bookie before the Betfair one as the odds can change against you and leave you exposed, with Betfair if there is sufficient liquidity you will always get the bet on. A little tip with Betfair, if the odds on your ‘lay’ horse are say 13.00 try laying at 11.00 or 12.00 you’ll nearly always get some of your stake matched and that means extra profit.

So essentially if the horse loses I have had a free bet. However there is a problem, I haven’t made a profit and Betfair charge a 5% commission so I would lose £5 and that is not what we are about.

One way around this is to increase the lay stake by 5%. Bet £100 with Bet365 and lay £105.

That reduces our profit if the horse wins to £49 but it means that we break even if it loses. If I fancied the horse to win I might leave it at that and let the bet run.

However there is a better way to lock in profit.

For ease of maths let’s say the odds were 8.0 at Bet 365 and 7.0 at Betfair, not an especially big difference but common enough.

If we bet £100 at 8.0 and lay £100 at 7.0 we have a theoretical profit of £100 if the horse wins but nothing if it loses so we take some of that money and effectively bet that the horse will not win by laying it again.

Bet Angel professional will do this calculation for you and even up the profit no matter which horse wins but and easy way of calculating the amount to lay is to divide the profit if the horse wins by the lay odds in this case 100/7 or 14.28.

So we would now lay our horse with £14.28 so we now have £100 wagered on the horse to win at 8.00 a profit of £700 if it wins and we have £114.8 laid that it will lose at 7.00 which means we would pay out £685.68 if it wins.

So if the horse wins we win £14.32 and if it loses we win £14.28 minus Betfair commission of around £5.70 depending on your personal commission rate.

That doesn’t seem like a vast amount but consider that there was never at any time risk to your stake money and you can repeat the exercise several times a day limited only by your available funds. Sometimes the differences in odds have been staggering I have seen 100 on the bookmaker side and 40 at Betfair, this stems from the fact that because of the nature of Betfair their odds move very rapidly are very often way out of line with the traditional bookmaker. In our favour!

As a guide line there needs to be at least a 5% difference in the prices to offset the Bet fair commission and of course when the horse wins which sometimes it will you don’t have commission to worry about.

In our example here we only used a small difference in odds to generate a working profit which can be repeated many times each day, sometimes you will get major difference in prices especially if you watch Betfair and see a price tumbling in the last few minutes before the off.

I would suggest that you paper trade for a few races before committing and when you are confident you have the hang then trade with small stakes but be mindful that there is a £2 min stake to Betfair so you need to ensure you are not trying to lay small amounts than this.

One word of warning, it is better to round your bets to nice even amounts, even if the maths say to bet £9.23 it is better to round up to £10 and adjust the other side of the bet accordingly as if you bet in strange, precise figures like that it tells the bookmakers that you are working a ‘system’ and they will restrict your bets. This doesn’t apply to Betfair as they are making money however you bet so don’t worry about it!

You may need to read and reread the above with Oddschecker and Betfair up on your screen to fully get the hang of this powerful moneymaking system

Before long you will be happily trading ‘bets that can’t lose’.


When I first made these betting strategies available I had to cope with over 100 emails in one weekend, mostly silly questions that could have been answered by re-reading the above. I have now had to make a ruling that I will ONLY answer queries from people who have opened their accounts with links from this page and claimed their free bets so I get my few pennies commission. You can email me at my private email address here but I regret that unless your name appears on my online statement for at least Betfair and one other bookie I can’t guarantee you a reply.

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