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How To Place Bets That Can’t Lose And Bonus Bagging

The betting systems and betting strategies I am about to show you work on horse racing fixtures. They are not traditional arbitrage betting or matched betting, but use a betting exchange to make money from quickly spotted odds discrepancies.

Before we go on to examine our system may I urge you to grab a copy of Nick Chawke’s excellent new book ‘Bonus Bagging For Beginners‘. In it Nick shows you a step by step system of how to build up a substantial zero risk ‘betting fund’ by bagging the free sign up bonuses. You can literally start bagging these bonuses in under two hours from now without risking a single penny, and at a launch price of just 77 pence what have you got to lose? Click the link on the right for further details. You will not believe how easy it is to make money when you read it.

They are not racing systems or betting advice or even horse race betting, they are betting strategies based on basic maths to ensure that your money is never at risk and you win every time and bank the money, they really are betting strategies, ‘bets that can’t lose’.

The systems are useable in any country where you can open bookmakers’ accounts and a Betfair account, I am based in the U.K. but I know that many successful users of my system are from Europe for example.

And before you read on, nowhere on this site will you find me asking you for money, this information is totally free of charge!

Firstly thank you for visiting this web site, my name is Ken, I live in the North West of England and I am about to change the way you look at horse racing for ever and take your ‘betting’ to a new level.

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I am not charging you one penny for this information it is free. All that I ask is that when you open the bookmaker accounts you will need to operate this betting system you do so using the links on both sides of this of this page.

As I live and work in Britain the bookmakers I am using here are primarily UK based, they are the ones I am familiar with but you can operate this system in any country where it is legal to open bookmaker accounts. If you want a more international range of bookmakers I recommend you take a look at SportsBettingProfessor where you can try the service for a whole month for just $5 and at the end of the month if you don’t like it you get your $5 back! A no-brainer in my book!

Even if you decide for whatever reason that the system is not for you then you can still stuff your bank account with money from the ‘free bets’ offers in the margins of this page. Visit our FREE MONEY page for further details.

Look at what the well respected British newspaper The Guardian had to say when they tried the FREE MONEY system.

Bets That Can't Lose Free Money

Bets That Can’t Lose Free Money

For many years I was an ordinary ‘Joe Punter’ studying form, having a Saturday afternoon flutter, the occasional decent win but if I’m honest, out of pocket mostly.

I paid for and tried every system, tipster and surefire method going but mysteriously as soon as I parted with coin the ‘magical’ results promised disappeared into the ether!

Then I discovered arbitrage betting or sports arbitrage, no good for horse racing of course, too many runners, but if I devoted my entire evenings and weekends to it, constantly comparing bookies odds etc., then I could just about cover the mortgage each month, in profit at last but it left me no free time and if I costed in my time I’d have been better off serving behind the bar at the local pub!

Arbitrage Software

Arbitrage Software

However, recently it has been possible to buy a piece of software at a very reasonable price which completely automates the process of finding arbitrages and you can even have a sixty day risk free trial. Take a look at 100PercentWinners

If you haven’t come across Arbitrage, or ‘Arbs‘ or ‘Surebets’ before then visit our Sports Arbitrage page for an explanation. If you have time to spend in front of a computer on a regular basis then you can make a lot of risk free money.

Now to my betting strategies, I know you are interested and I know you are suspicious but let me put your mind at rest by telling you that I am giving it to you FREE OF CHARGE and that if you follow it to the letter you will win every single time you use it and not red cent of your money will ever be at risk.

I could tell you that I spent years developing it with the aid of a supercomputer but the reality is that I stumbled across it by pure accident when checking the odds on a horse race one day about 6 months ago.

I realised that in the race I was looking at I could place just two bets in such a way that whichever horse won the race I would be in profit.

I thought it was a mistake at first but I bet just a small amount around £4 as I recall and sure enough I made around 40p profit on the race. I started checking the rest of the day’s horse racing fixtures and found about another 4 or 5 races where the conditions allowed me to guarantee a profit whichever horse won and before long I was betting £10, then £50 then £100 as my confidence and balance grew.

You can't lose bets that can't lose

You Can’t Lose

Virtually every single day since then has provided exactly the same opportunity for my betting strategies, a typical busy Saturday’s racing will usually provide 8-12 races in which the conditions for my racing system are met and you are guaranteed a profit. This is one of the few betting systems or betting strategies that has consistently worked for me, in fact it I shouldn’t call it betting as it has nothing to do with racing systems or horse betting but simple mathematics, so we should really call it investing.

Let me stress, you will NEVER be betting, at no stage will a single penny of your money ever be at risk, not one penny.

When you see the system in action you will see just how simple it is.

All you need is computer with internet access and accounts with a minimum of three bookmakers, more will give you more opportunities, but three will allow you to operate and learn the betting strategies. Open accounts now with Betfair, Bet365, Totesport, Skybet and Boylesports if you haven’t already done so and claim your free cash.

How much money will you need to get started, well as none of it will ever be at risk that’s down to your budget, £50 will get you up and running but before long I assure you that you’ll be investing much more than that.

How much will you make per race? That varies enormously from as little as 1% of your investment to the occasional 20%, and that’s on a single race, an average return of around 5-10% is realistic. If that doesn’t sound much try talking a hundred quid down to the Halifax at 3.00pm and tell them that you expect to withdraw £110 at 3.10 for that is exactly what you will be doing when you learn this system, each and every time that you use it, and again I cannot stress too much that you will never be putting a single penny at risk.

How difficult is it too operate? Idiot proof! I should know! You can operate the system as often as you like, it works on all racing. You can place your investments and leave them for a guaranteed profit as soon as the early morning odds are available but I find that the greater number of opportunities occur in the hour or so before the off so enjoy your Saturday’s racing in the knowledge that EVERY horse in your selected race is carrying your colours.

The selections are spotted in seconds; an average of 30 seconds per race will show you if the race qualifies and another 30 to get the investments placed. In the system information you will be given a link for some, easy to use free software that will even speed up this process for you.

Once the bets are placed you can sit back safe in the knowledge that your profit is locked it.

Well have I convinced you to give ‘bets that can’t lose’ a try?

Right that’s enough of waffle about me, let’s get down to the meat of the system.

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