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Oddschecker – You Can’t Lose


The System Explained

Before start let me again remind you that I am giving you this information FREE OF CHARGE and trusting your honesty but I do ask a couple of small rewards from you.

Firstly to operate this system you will need accounts open with Betfair or other suitable betting exchange and several bookmakers, the more you have the more opportunities you will get to operate these betting strategies, but as an absolute minimum you will need accounts with Betfair, Bet365, Totesport and Boylesports. The system will not work without these accounts.

If you use the links on this website to open these accounts they will all give you free bets to start you off so I suggest that you open these accounts now before you read on.

At present the links posted will give you free bets to the value of over £1000 but please bookmark this site as more are being added all the time.

Here it is, the meat and veg. I suggest you watch the video tutorials for a full live explanation. Oddschecker is a major site that we will be using.

******STOP PRESS******

Since I made this video in January 2010 Oddschecker have revamped their site and the layout is now different but it does not affect the basic operation of the system *******

Video Tutorial 1 – Oddschecker

The system Explained

Firstly I will assume that you have some knowledge of odds and betting put please forgive me if I explain some aspects in very simple manner as some of it may be unfamiliar to some readers. If anything puzzles you then you will be given my direct email address at the end of this tutorial.

What we are going to do is extremely simple and takes very little time to master, but once you have tried it out on a few races you will get the hang very quickly.

There is a video link below that takes you through a ‘live’ example of me using the system.

Before we begin our tutorial you will need a few basics. bets that cant lose,horse racing fixtures,racing systems,horse racing betting,lay betting,

Obviously a computer and Internet connection. If you have two monitors and can spread your desktop across them then so much the better, if not then one is fine, you’ll soon be able to afford another.

Before we start I suggest you take 20 minutes now to open these accounts and claim your free bets.

Please use the links at the left hand side of the page. There is currently over £300 in free bets awaiting you but bookmark the site and check back regularly as new ones are being added all the time. Get those accounts open and in an hour from now you can be winning.

Once you have your accounts open and funded you are ready to begin ‘bets that can’t lose’

Our system works by taking advantage of the differences in odds offered by traditional bookies and betting exchanges like Betfair where is possible both to ‘back’ a horse in the traditional way and also ‘lay’ against it, i.e. bet that it will lose.

Because of the very different way that Betfair operates there are often wide variations in the available prices and we use these to our advantage.

Firstly we will talk only in decimal odds, these are very easy to understand. In traditional fractional odds if you stake £10 on a horse at 2/1 you get thirty pounds back if it wins, i.e. £20 winnings plus your £10 stake. In decimal odds the price stated is the amount you get back including your stake so the same bet in decimal would be 3.0.

If you stake £10 on a winner at 7.6 then you have a profit of £66, simple as that.

Odds on Betfair move very rapidly in real time response to actual bets placed into the market and can often expose holes where you can lay a horse at a lower price than you back it, in fact this happens many times each day and when it does you can lock your profit it.

bets that cant lose,horse racing fixtures,racing systems,horse racing betting,lay betting,Let’s run through a typical day.

I usually check the odds firstly at around 10.00am when the morning odds are available. Sometimes there won’t be many opportunities at this time but when there are you have plenty time to take advantage, as the odds will be slow moving.

The final hour before the race is when most opportunities arise, especially the last ten minutes before the off.

The main site we are going to use is you will find real time prices for each race as follows:


If you click on the tab marked ‘Enhanced Odds’ you will see that a small number of bookmakers are offering slightly better odds in the win only market and it is often here where we make our money. These are the main 4 bookies which we recommended that you open accounts with earlier.

Now you will see that odds from Betfair are also included but I advise you to use the odds direct from the Betfair site for this, as the updating at isn’t always able to keep up with the speed of Betfair.

I do this by using a piece of software called Bet Angel

Read More…..Bet Angel Professional

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