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Bonus Bagging For Beginners Free Ebook

Bonus Bagging For Beginners Free Ebook

If you walked into a shop and they were handing out free twenty pound notes, no strings attached, then you would take one wouldn’t you? Of course you would, you’d be mad not to and yet this is exactly what many bookmakers are doing every day and yet people do not take advantage.

Why would a bookmaker give free money? Very simply to entice you to join up and use their services, no different from a supermarket offering BOGOF deals (Buy One Get One Free) or any other special offer.

The problem seems to be that people are suspicious of bookmakers and yet there is no need to be but don’t take our word for it, read what the well-respected British national daily newspaper The Guardian had to say on the subject.


Read What the Guardian Said About This

Now have I got your interest a little better?

Well, let me give you the downside then, this money is not available to everybody, it is aimed primarily at people in Britain and Europe but sadly, because of the draconian laws in the USA people in the USA cannot take part, sorry!

For most of the rest of the world you should be at least able to claim some of this money but you will have to check with each bookmaker to see if they accept clients in your country. We have prepared a list of the main ones below for you, but you can find many others.

The free bet offers vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and it is important to read the terms and conditions, but broadly speaking they usually come in the form of a matching bet, in other words you sign up, bet an amount, say £25 and they immediately give you a free bet to the same amount.

Some bookmakers offer as little as £10, some as much as £200 but it’s all free, why wouldn’t you take it?

Now you could just take the free bet and chance to luck but like the reporter in The Guardian article above there is a way of placing these free bets so that whatever the outcome you pocket the money and put it straight into your bank account – for real!

But how to do this?

This is where our FREE BOOK ‘Bonus Bagging For Beginners’ comes in. It’s a completely free download in a choice of three formats and it takes you step by step through each stage of ‘bagging’ these bookmaker free bets, even if you have never placed a bet in your life before.

To get your free copy just fill in your details in the form on the right for immediate download.

Remember what The Guardian reporter said “The money I have made has been absolutely risk free” and so will be the money you make, you will never risk a penny if you follow the instructions in our free book.

We will never ask you for a penny, all our information is completely free, just download the book and follow the instructions, or are you going to walk past that shop handing out free twenty pound notes?

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